In Their Eyes

In Their Eyes

Documentary Photography

 6th May 2016

Within this project I wanted to explore ways in which we perceive people. For example, when you look at a person in the street, you can imagine what they are like without knowing them. They may have children, have a job or be a student by just looking at their appearance and how they dress and act.

I asked six people to tell me a memory or something about themselves. I told them to think of what they would like to say whether it be happy, sad, embarrassing, funny or interesting. Just something they were comfortable to share with me. They sat down and told me the stories while I photographed them. As this question was so vague, I was interested to see what I got back from each person. I decided to focus on the eyes, as I feel the eyes show and bring out a lot of emotion and are one of the main features of a person's face. By just capturing the eyes within my photographs it lets you as the viewer to really explore and wonder what the outer picture could be, through their stories and what they may be like. I asked each individual to write down their response so that I could accompany the story with the photograph. This reveals the way each person writes, showing their identity and personality through this, as well as seeing their emotions from the story through the photograph. 






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