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Bubbles wrapped around fruit

Bubbles wrapped around fruit

Fruit in carbonated water

18th March 2017

This water based series focuses on objects within carbonated water and how they are affected. The series shows fruit submerged in carbonated water in which the water produces bubbles that form on the fruit. These bubbles form around and on the fruit and where the light passes through the water it reflects off the bubbles creating a layer of light that outlines the fruit. The bubbles reflect the light off of the surroundings and cling on to the fruit outlining the exterior of the object. The reaction of the carbonated water and fruit reveals a beautiful effect, in which the bubbles find an area of the fruit to cling on to, creating a layer of texture around the object. 


Analogue Reflections

Water Reflection


10th October 2016

This series focuses on the reflection of water. Each image is shot in the daylight on an analogue Hassleblad camera. The reflection of the water creates shadows where the light from the sun travels around buildings and trees, which creates shapes and patterns within the water. The surroundings of trees, buildings and objects act as shadows where the light cannot get through. The objects from the surroundings are reflected almost like they have been painted on the ground.


Bubbles of reflection

Bubbles of Reflection

Dye, water & oil

27th February 2017

When water and oil are mixed together, oil separates from the water, creating bubbles and patterns. The oil floats on top of the water forming bubbles, which reflects off the surrounding light and objects. I also used dye within the water which creates a dark colourful background showing off the detail of the oil. The use of dye creates a dark but colourful background, which highlights the bubbles and brings out the reflection of the surroundings, bringing in the light around and outlining the texture of the bubbles and the raised patterns. The bubbles act as mirrors taking in the surroundings and letting the viewer see more within the image, letting the audience imagine what surrounds the experiment and substances. 


Mulitple Exposure

Multiple Exposure of Travel


 18th January 2017 

Within Berlin, the trains and trams are the best transport to get from one place to another. The transport is constantly moving, taking passengers to their desired destinations quick and easy. It is more than just transport it is a daily thing for most people in Berlin. The people are incredibly dependent on the transport, including tourists just like me, as that was our only way of seeing other areas of Berlin.

Using multiple exposure within my images portrays the constant moving, with each train coming in every few minutes, as well as people travelling from one place to another. It was hard to get lost while walking around Berlin because of the multiple stations within each area.


In Their Eyes

In Their Eyes

Documentary Photography

 6th May 2016

Within this project I wanted to explore ways in which we perceive people. For example, when you look at a person in the street, you can imagine what they are like without knowing them. They may have children, have a job or be a student by just looking at their appearance and how they dress and act.

I asked six people to tell me a memory or something about themselves. I told them to think of what they would like to say whether it be happy, sad, embarrassing, funny or interesting. Just something they were comfortable to share with me. They sat down and told me the stories while I photographed them. As this question was so vague, I was interested to see what I got back from each person. I decided to focus on the eyes, as I feel the eyes show and bring out a lot of emotion and are one of the main features of a person's face. By just capturing the eyes within my photographs it lets you as the viewer to really explore and wonder what the outer picture could be, through their stories and what they may be like. I asked each individual to write down their response so that I could accompany the story with the photograph. This reveals the way each person writes, showing their identity and personality through this, as well as seeing their emotions from the story through the photograph. 






Chris-Writing F



Water Photograms

Water Photograms

Camera-less Photography

 19th January 2017

This project focuses on the reproduction of images, the movement of water and the shadows that are created within the water. The creations are taken within a dark room without the use of a camera, instead I opted for a flashgun, light sensitive paper, water and chemicals to reveal the image. The images capture the relationship between light, shadow and water, imprinting the forms and marks created by the movement of the water.

'...In photography, process reproduction can bring out those aspects of the original that are unattainable to the naked eye yet accessible to the lens, which is adjustable and chooses its angle at will.'
(Benjamin and Underwood, 2008)

Photography is a reproduction of an area/place/object in which when you capture something, you replicate this area by freezing the location within an image. You are able to see the location without the camera and by taking a picture, this is then replicated into an art form. Within my series I reveal something that you don't necessarily see through the naked eye. We can see ripples in water, but we are unable to pause this and really focus on the pattern without having something such as a camera to really see this. I went a step forward and took out the camera completely exploring a way that we are able to view something that we don't necessarily see through the human eye without the use of a camera. This however is still a reproduction of the ripples in the water, as I am still capturing how the water moves. We can't fully see this without a device, however, I have printed it onto paper in which we then are able to see the patterns created of the water movement. This is a reproduction but one that cannot be created again. The image can be technically reproduced, such as digitally scanning in my darkroom experiments, but the original is the only real capture.

As the water movement changes constantly it reveals a different pattern and direction each time. I like the idea of producing original work that cannot be captured again, such as water photograms. Each image is one of a kind and even though the images are similar, they cannot be replicated. 

Six images in the series focusing on water movement and the patterns created. 


Double Exposure

Double Exposure

Intertwining beauty and nature

 22nd January 2016

Within this project, I wanted to show off the beauty within both nature and the model. Plants and nature are portrayed as beautiful which when intertwined with the model, shows off the beauty of the person. This reveals a way of showing imagination and thought processes that crowd the mind which fills the brain. We are always thinking and constantly using our brain. This project portrays this through double exposure, showing off the figure of the person overlaid with nature. The branches and nature travel away from the subject, which creates the illusion that the mind is flowing out, showing the beauty and thoughts within.