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14 Apr


Is a portrait still a portrait if the face is obscured?

First of all I looked into what a portrait is. A portrait can be a painting, drawing, photograph etc. It is an art of capturing a subject in which the main focal point is of a person, mainly of the face and facial features which are made predominant. The focus is on the person however this does not mean the person’s body or the surroundings cannot be included. Normally portrait photography is of a ‘rehearsed’ image of a person in a still posture.

Even though portraiture is of the person and focusing on the facial features, it can also be shown in an abstract way such as paintings by Kwangho shin. He uses colour and patterns to express a human feeling instead of revealing the face. It blocks the viewer from seeing the person however it’s shown in such a creative way that it doesn’t bother me. It shows the creation of thoughts through the painter's eyes as well as viewing the feeling within the person being painted. This makes us feel the emotions of the subject.

Portraiture image


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