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If you haven't already guessed... I'm Bethany Martin. My passion lies within videography and photography. I studied Media Arts at Plymouth University, which gave me the opportunity to really dig deep and explore my passion, presenting me with a whole new world of styles and techniques that I showcase in my work.


My Work

I have been involved in countless projects, individual and collaborative, ranging from experimental photography to promotional videos for companies. Within my projects I have a real passion for presenting a different way of viewing the world and showing an image that is not necessarily seen through the naked eye. This is a focal point to a majority of the work I produce in which I like to portray this personal touch!

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My Interests

Since I was tiny I had a camera in my hand documenting everything. To some this was annoying... but for me it was amazing. I loved the idea of capturing a moment and seeing it in a new light. As well as videography and photography, I like going on adventures and trying out new hobbies. My main interest is skiing, as well as this I am and have been involved in other activities such as, horse riding, water polo, swimming, volleyball, figure ice skating and tennis. I am definitely that person that likes to try out a bit of everything.


My Latest Work

Water Photograms

This project focuses on reproduction of images, the movement of water and the shadows that are created within the water. The creations are taken and captured without a camera and show patterns within the ripples of the water movement.

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About Me

"Believe you can and you're half way there"